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What does “completing half your deen” really mean?

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Anas ibn Mālik narrated that the Messenger of Allāh (May Peace and Blessings of Allāh be upon him) said:

“Whoever Allāh blesses with a righteous wife, then He has assisted him in half of his religion. So therefore, let him fear Allāh in the other half.”{Al-Mustadrak: 10/2681}

Imām al-Munāwī’s said in explanation to this Hadīth:

“That is because the greatest trial that takes a significant toll on a person’s religion are the desires of the stomach and the desires of the private parts, and a righteous woman safeguards a man from fornication, which accounts for the first half. Hence, the second half remains and that is the desires of the stomach. Thus he (Prophet Muhammad, may Peace and Blessings of  Allāh be upon him) advised him with taqwā (God-consciousness) so he can perfect his religion and obtain istiqāmah (be upright and obedient). He (Prophet Muhammad, may Peace and Blessings of  Allāh be upon him) specifically mentioned a righteous wife because a woman who is otherwise may safeguard her husband from fornication, however she would make him bend his back over trying to obtain worthless things from that which is harām (Forbidden).”
{Al-Faydul-Qadīr, hadīth number: 8704}

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