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The angels descend and send Salawat upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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Ka’b al-Ahbar (died 32 AH) said:

“Not a day goes by without seventy thousand (70,000) angels descending upon the grave of the Prophet ﷺ, surrounding him and sending salawat upon him until night falls. When they ascend another such group of angels take their place and do the same; until when the earth splits open before him ﷺ, he comes out with seventy thousand (70,000) angels in procession around him.” [1]

Related to this, there is consensus among the scholars of the four madhahib (Schools of Thought) that the blessed place which contains the blessed fragrant body of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is superior to any other place on earth. [2] Some (e.g. Ibn ‘Abidin al-Hanafi, Ibn ‘Aqil al-Hanbali, Salim an-Nafrawi al-Maliki) added that it is even superior than the Divine ‘Arsh.


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[2] Consensus on this is documented by:
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