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Proof for the existence of God?

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Many atheists think: “If you can’t see or hear God, then He simply does not exist and the burden of proof is on the theists.”

For the moment, ignoring the fact that being able to observe anything before the big-bang is a paradox in and of itself, let me throw this out: Time is at least in part a measurement of *change*. If, as may be, all of what would become the big-bang was in form of virtual particles and therefore observable, the state of reality before the big-bang must have been a state of *no change* and therefore *no time*.

Consequently, anything that existed before the big-bang is free of time, space and directionality; that means it must have existed for eternity, without having gone through any changes or occupying a place and must have been free from directionality.

Based on this, no one can see God in this life. Why? Because for our eyes to grasp His beatific vision, He must be in our dimension of space and time; must be contained within the six directions; allow the photon of light to reach Him (or be a ‘physical’ source of light which is divisible in form of particles) so that we are able to see Him physically, which would mean that God must be an atom  or a body composed of particles.

However, all of that is not possible and this anthropomorphic creed only attributes imperfections to God, who is All-Perfect. God is not a body or a particle, He has no gender; He is pre-existent without origin and eternal without end; free from any changes, dimensions of time-space; and directionality does not apply to Him.

To sum up: “God is not *on*anything, or *in* anything, or *from* anything. Because had He been on anything, He would have been carried; had He been in anything, He would have been contained; and had He been from anything, He would have been a creation.”
{Imam al-Qushayri in his book “ar-Risalah al-Qushayriyyah”

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