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Is God in the sky?

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When we say “God”, we don’t mean a ‘superman’ sitting on a cloud somewhere in the sky overlooking our affairs. That is the creed of the anthropomorphists, not Muslims.

We believe in a God, who is not an atom or a body composed of particles; He doesn’t occupy a space, nor is He contingent to time; universal/scientific laws do not apply to Him for He existed when nothing else existed and He is as He ever was before creating the universe. God is eternal without beginning. He is everlasting, without an end. Nothing, whether good or bad, will be except that He Wills. He is free from any imperfections and limitations; human imagination cannot conceptualise Him, nor can human understanding grasp His Reality, nor does He resemble creation. We know of Him through that which He chose to reveal about Himself and belief in Him is an intellectual necessity, not a mere possibility.

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