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Intentions for Attending The Spring Lodge Retreat

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The Envoy of Allah  ﷺ said, “Verily actions are only according to intentions and every man shall have according to what he has intended…”

Yahya ibn Abi Kathir said, “Learn about the intention, for verily it is of greater import than the action.”

Sidi Amin Buxton advises the following intention for the Spring Lodge:

You should return with a renewed desire to seek Allah, worship him, follow the Prophet ﷺ and his inheritors, and serve Allah and His Prophet ﷺ. You should have an increased awareness of your shortcomings and faults.

You should have a desire to share what you learnt and experienced with your family first and foremost and then others.

What is the Spring Lodge? www.TheSpringLodge.org

The key aim of the retreat is for students to gain a proper, principled, and purposeful understanding of the Prophet, may the mercy and peace of God be upon him, in person, as well as fluid familiarity with his life and times, in a manner that has both relevance and applicability to the current age in which we live.

With this aim in mind, the retreat will thereby endeavour to explore the overarching themes and underlying principles that are said to govern the life and times of the Prophet, may the mercy and peace of God be upon him. This inaugural retreat will aim to elucidate these over-arching and fundamental themes and principles, with subsequent retreats providing an opportunity for each of the themes in question to be explored and clarified in greater depth.

This thematic approach is a principled approach and can serve as a basis for the proper grounding of Islam in the age in which we live; an age in which the cry for relevancy has never been louder.

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